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Ephesus Ancient City Ruins

The Ancient city Ephesus is located very closed to the Kusadasi Turkey resort near Aegean Sea. The city was considered as one of the big cities for Greeks in the Asia. It was a home for the Artemis Temple and was declared as one of the 7 wonders of ancient worlds. Now the ruins and the remains of the city are the major attractions for tourists and for the travelers of Mediterranean Cruises. The city of Ephesus is a sacred place for the Christians as the city is associated with many biblical figures which include Virgin Mary, Saint John, and Saint Paul. The sacred history and the remains are very special and here are the details of some of the attractions.


Ephesus Map


The city Ephesus in the previous times was the center of commerce and travel. It was located at Aegean Sea just in front of Cayster River. Three main roads end at the seaport. The one road goes towards east to Babylon through Laodicea, other road goes to north through Smyrna and the third one goes to Meander Valley.


Temple of Artemis

Temple of Artemis

Artemis Temple is called as one of seven wonders in Ancient World. The temple was made for goddess of hunt. Now only its foundation is left along with its large columns that are the only remains of the temple. These columns are 425ft long and 220 ft in width. Height of the columns is 60ft.


Celsus Library

The Library of Celsus was built during 115 to 25 A.D. the restored portion of the library is the highlight of ruins of Ephesus city. The architecture of the library is though in common roman style libraries. Interior style of the library is 70 to 80 feet. It is held at almost 15,000 scrolls. The library was designed for Celsus who is the proconsul in Asia. His sarcophagus is positioned under apse.


Terrace Houses

Ephesus - Terrace Houses

During the time period of Augustus, the residential places of well off Ephesians used to be fully decorated with the beautiful mosaics and frescoes. The houses of Ephesus had very stylish and luxurious bathrooms, kitchens, well decorated bedrooms and trilliums. The houses were built against mountain South portion of the city and the roofs were decorated as the terrace. All of the houses of the city were settled until the time period of 7th Century.


Commercial Agora

Such a commercial areas is also known as square Agora as it is made in the size of 360ft square. The areas arose at the time of Hellenistic period at the city. It was covered from all the sides with arched shops that were almost 40ft in depth. The area is located near the harbor. Commercial Agora was the most important trade center of the city.



The theater of the city was built at the time of Hellenistic period, but it was later renovated under the observation of some Roman emperors. It holds almost 25,000 people. The Ephesus Great Theater was basically made for the theatrical performances and later some alterations were made which allowed most gladiators to have some contests inside the theaters.


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