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The Temple of Artemis

Temple of ArtemisThe Temple of Artemis is one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. This temple has a significant value in history. Artemis Temple was built in 550 BC by the people of Ephesus. The temple is 425 feet high and is made up of expensive marbles. Temple is not in its original form because it is stated in history that this temple was demolished once in 262 AD by Goths. Artemis Temple was used as a place of worship by Greek people and also known as market place. It is also stated in history that when Alexander the great conquered Asia Minor he help Greek people to rebuild the temple but after the arrival of St Paul many Ephesus people have accepted the religion of Christianity and beautiful temple lost his religious value and neglected by the people of Ephesus which resulted in the damage of Artemis temple. In 401 AD St. John Chrysostom demolished the temple completely and the temple converted into swamp. Nowadays only one column of the Artemis Temple attracting visitors near the western coast of modern Turkey.

Temple of ArtemisPreviously the temple was so glamorous because it was built in the time of Greek people. The king of Lydia has given the funds to build this beautiful temple. Artemis Temple got 120 huge columns which covered the whole structure. These columns were beautifully craved and decorated. Each column of the temple was built by using pulleys and heavy loges of marble and limestone were pulled at the height of almost 60 feet. The strange thing about this temple is that it's roof is totally made up of wood which is very difficult. The temple as a whole looks so huge and magnificent and nevermind that it was built almost 1200 years ago that today only a few parts remains.

Artemis StatueThe Temple of Artemis got the statue of goddess Artemis which was placed in the center of the temple and probably made around 800 BC on a marshy strip located at the bank of river in Ephesus. This statue was the main element of it and worshiped by Greek people. The Goddess of Artemis was also known as Diana is not in the figure as same as worshiped in Greece. This goddess is known as the 'goddess of hunt' and fertility and designed in such manner that depicts these elements. Statue was first placed in the Temple of Artemis but after fall down, the statue of Diana was taken by British people and now it is placed in a museum of United Kingdom. Many other ornaments of this temple kept there.

In nineteenth century the place of Slecuk was again excavated and found many pieces of huge columns of the Temple Artemis and by using these pieces 4 new columns are built again which are present till now. Temple of Artemis is also well known for its strength and strong structure as it was build in the era of wars. Many ornaments regarding this temple are kept in the Ephesus museum and in Selcuk town too.

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