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Ephesus History

Ephesus Marble RoadThe City of Ephesus developed till late mid of second century with the increase of cruelty and incompetence of Roman Emperors in second and in third centuries. Due to this, it resulted in the decline of the city. Ephesus city has suffered a lot in the on eastern frontier in third century. It has faced many assassinations, defeat against the Christians and many interventions of the Goths in South Russia. The Gothic invaders damaged the city on large scale and destroyed the Artemis Temple. The temple was then never restored and brought back to its original glorious state. Many earthquakes occurred in the 4th or 7th century that led to partial desertion in the city. Third Ecumenical meeting held at 431CE. The Christian philosopher Justin Martyr converted at that time. Due to malarial mosquitoes and the earthquakes, the city has to suffer a lot and it almost finished at that time. The whole city was abandoned at that time.

The Acts book says that Paul's very first tour was just a stopover and a hurdle on his path that led to Antioch in Syria. According to the version of this act, he had to come back to the land to Ephesus and he visited the churches which were leading to a long way. In Ephesus city very long ago, Paul decided to get settled and conduct his responsibilities for almost two years. According to some scholars, Paul moved from Corinth and went to Ephesus and settled a shop and never came back to Antioch.

Ephesus theaterPaul along with some of his associates started spreading that Christian Gospel in the form of adjacent cities or in the Asia regions. He chooses the city as it was large, had many cultures, it was political, religious, economic and cosmopolitan. It was the best place where people could meet and share their ideas. Later Ephesus continued with prosper and the taxes continued but under Cambyses II and Darius. People of Ephesus participate actively in the wars fighting against Persians. These wars are known as Greco-Persian wars. In 497 BC the Lonians and people of Ephesus let Persians out of the shores of Asia. These wars were held on sea shores in which Ephesus people did not took part actively but gave finances which support by offering the treasure of Apollo to the goddess Athena, female who protected the Athens. These wars didn't leave any bad impact of the life of Ephesus people. They still enjoying their life as normal as before wars. They allow other people belonging to different races to integrate with them this shows the modernism of their social life.

In Roman time period, Ephesus was a territory which strongly represent Greek civilization. In 88 BC Ephesus welcomed the great king of Pontus ( a general of Mithirdates the great ), when Asia was conquered. At that time many people were killed by him for keeping Greek culture in Ephesus. He used to slaughter people who speak Latin language. For this reason many Greek people left Ephesus.

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