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Ephesus Archaeological Museum

Ephesus Archaeological Museum

The famous museum of Ephesus is positioned in the town Selcuk that is almost 18km far away from Kusadasi. It is at the distance of 70km from the Izmir. The art work at Ephesus was dug up from the year 1867 to 1905 and it was then transported to British museum. Its findings were discovered from the year 1905 to 1923. These findings were shifted to Vienna. Thought the Turkish Republic refused to take the antiques to any other place and they founded the museum Ephesus in the Selcuk. In 1983 it was presented in it's form.

This museum is totally different from all other museums and is very special. The museum has some rooms and is designed in a special theme. It has some sections that are named as Finding room, Hall of Fountain relics, hall of funerary relics, hall of Artemis, gladiator section and many more. People who want to see history and art; you should go visit this place.

Ephesus Museum

In elaboration museum of Ephesus in now present in Turkey which is declared as western Turkey. This museum got ornaments excavated from ancient towns such as Claros located near Vicinity in Turkey. The name Ephesus was taken from the history which is an old Greek city and by watching the ornaments. It is proved that Ephesus was the major trading center and have very much importance in early Christian society. Ephesus was known as the ecumenical council which can be said as early as Christian church. Hence it's one of the seven old church of Christian society and now holds the gatherings and ornaments which depicts the living pattern and life style of the people living there in past. Ephesus is the most popular museum among all the museums and it has very significant in past history. This museum is designed in such a way that its uniqueness is much enhanced. As there are certain rooms and each room has it's own ability of getting attention of the visitors. These rooms are made in this way that all ornaments look significant and can be studies properly.
Few of them get concerned ornaments such as :

  • Hall of the Terrace houses findings
  • Hall of the fountain findings
  • Hall of the tomb findings
  • Hall Artemis
  • Hall of the imperial cut
  • Small courtyard
  • Hall of the new and small findings
  • Great courtyard

These rooms got the significant ornaments which are no doubt master of all hand pottery. These statues shows different significant of past living styles of people. Most statues are known for their significance and hence known as master pieces.

The museum remain opened throughout the year and for 8 hours daily. The Turkish government is taking care of museum with a great efficiency and it depicts the efforts of Turkish government in taking care of Ephesus museum. They not only maintain the museum but many cultural festivals are also arranged in this museum. The museum have a large capacity which support presence of large number of visitors.

If interested in the works of art and history, Ephesus Archaeological Museum we strongly recommend you to see it.

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