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Selcuk Town


Selcuk (pronounced:SELL-chook) is just beneath the very old fortress over Ayasoluk hill and has many restaurants, hotels, transportation services, and many more sort of services that are needed by the travelers and visitors for Ephesus. This place also has storks. This place has become the most favorite resting place for leggy birds. The birds choose this place as their residence on the Roman disused minarets, aqueduct, safer perch and the television aerials. Mostly from the month of April till September, the place remains very crowded with the visitors. In Selcuk, you will find St John Basilica and Ephesus museum that are worth visiting places as was the Isa Bey Mosque in 14th century.


You may also find some minor buildings of Seljuk Turkish in town because these were the western portions of the expansion of Seljuk Turkish. If you see the archeological site of the city Ephesus, you will find whatĺs positioned right at the side of Artemis Temple which is one of the wonders of World. There is a beach in the town for swimming and is four miles at the west side. The cruise ship port and seaside resort is at a ride of 30 minutes only. You can find the top mountain town at Sirince that is at the distance of 15 minutes ride.

You may also find the Ephesus remains at the flying day trip when you come from Istanbul. There are many restaurants and the hotels for those who want to stay and need quality services. If you come here for a day trip, you can enjoy the impressive ancient remains of Didyma, Miletus and Priene. Kusadasi is an amazing cruise port and the resort that looks so interesting and charming. Sirince is a beautiful winemaking town that looks beautiful from wherever you come here. If you have to travel for Selcuk, you can use a train, bus, or car connections and reach here. If you want to use the safest and frequent means to reach here, you can use buses. They have fixed routes from Izmir and shuttle back with the minibuses between the main terminals of Izmir. The bus services from Bodrum are very easy and you can use them for a better transportation service. These buses run several times a day between their routes from Selcuk and from Izmir, so you can choose any time that is convenient for you.

Selcuk is very famous for organizing different cultural and tradition festivals. These festivals are generated throughout the year these festivals are very lively and shows aspects of different seasons. This tradition has adopted from the ancient people of Selcuk. One of the most ancient festival of Ephesus still happens. It is based on camel wrestling and in past, Greek people use to organize this festival in the mid of spring season but now it held in May. The original name of selcuk in Greek language was, Agios Theologos which referred to John the theologian. In the time of ottoman Empire it was known as Ayasoluk. Further it was renamed as Selcuk in 1914 by Seljuk Turks.

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