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Cave of Seven Sleepers

Cave of Seven Sleepers

The incident of Seven sleepers is very famous among Muslims and Christians. The story of seven sleepers is mentioned in the holy books (Quran and Bible) of both socities. The excavations of tomb of seven sleepers were done by both Muslims and Christians because of their keen interest in the incidence of Seven sleepers. It is stated that there were only seven people (all male) ebrassed the religion of Christianity and were unsecured because the emperor of Theodosius II ordered to walled all seven men as he thinks that these seven people create munity in his empire so he ordered to his soldiers to find these men (seven sleepers) and hanged till death. Seven sleepers got scared and they decided to get migrated. For this reason they were wondering in the streets of Ephesus when they saw a cave so they decided to take some rest in that cave. In some books it is also written that while wandering in streets of Ephesus seven sleepers saw soldiers finding them to obviously to capture them and take to the emperor so they hurriedly went into the cave to hide themselves from soldiers. There they all fall asleep for 309 years. It is clearly mention in the holy book of Muslims (Quran) that these seven men went to sleep for 309 years and when they wakeup whole era of the outside world was changed and they get really astonished. Later the cave where these people stayed got historical importance in the history of Ephesus that cave was kept as the caves of seven sleepers and till now it is present very near to Ephesus at the northern slopes of Pion and known as tomb of Seven sleepers. It is also stated in the history that after the deaths of seven sleepers the ruler of that time wants to build wonderful caves but these seven sleepers appeared in his dream and wished to be buried in the cave where they had a sleep of 309 years. The ruler act on it, and the seven sleepers which were died, in the condition that they were praising to God. It was observed previously that these seven sleepers act like preachers and praises to God so much and always act as blessed persons of God these deeds let them special importance in the society and thatís why they got huge importance in the history of Ephesus. After deaths of seven sleepers a church was built by Christians at Grotto.

The remains of cave were discovered by Muslims and Christians. During excavations it was noticed that in that area several ornaments were found which depicts the inscriptions of seven sleepers. At the time of vacations, the caves and the church are enlightened so that people can enjoy the beauty of the ancient possessions. You may also find some of the old inscriptions and some remains of seven sleepers at the walls of church and see an amazing view in the cave.

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