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Sirince Village

Sirince Village Sirince is a pretty ancient Orthodox village that is only few kilometers away from the ancient site of Ephesus. It is 30 km away from the Kusadasi that was Cirkince at a time. The meaning of the word Cirkince was "ugly". But the villagers gave this name to the village because they did not wanted that anyone else from outside should bother to share the attraction and the beauty of the village. After the years, people when begin to see the village, they realized that it wasn't so ugly and so they renamed the village with the name 'Sirince' that means pretty. The village is positioned at the mountain top and people can enjoy the beautiful wine yards from the top which look impressive. They can enjoy the views of peach trees on their way to the top.

Now the village is considered as the perfect synthesis and the culture of Turkish Greek of the time of 1920’s. Soon after Independence war, most people exchanged among Turks and Greeks and most typical families of Greek kept their original so called characteristics. Yet, they kept their local layouts hidden and private. The selective and extremely beautiful specimens of the village are opened for the tourists. One of the courtyards contains Orthodox Church which was nicely restored. The narrow streets are for women who sell handcrafts here and also olive oil. The tourists will discover a delicious wine from the village which is very tasty and served in the small cafes as well as in the municipal schools. Tourism in the village is developing very quickly and for this purpose the preservation has been authentically started.

Sirince VillageIn the history of Sirince, it is stated that during the 3rd General Council meeting that virgin Mary was buried in Sirince on the principles of Christianity in 431 BC. This fact gives huge importance to the village of Sirince. This fact is represented by Nestorious, who is patriarch of Istanbul. He talked about this fact and show his positive and agreed postures in the meeting. Sirince is located on the borders of Selcuk. It is a located on a plateau of a very beautiful mountains surrounded valley. Sirince got the remains of 42 churches and hence known as Ephesus in the mountains. It got an impression of Ephesus which shows the traditions and life style of people of Ephesus in past. As Christianity was spread by St john who was known as the disciple of virgin Mary it is said that virgin Mary use to lived there in mountains of Nightingale and her disciples were living in Sirince and working for Christianity. After the death of mother Mary her disciples buried her body in Sirince without letting know to anyone. It is also mentioned that in the life of mother Mary her disciples used to feed her too but secretly. Theses disciple were very honest with mother "Virgin Mary" and helped her many times specially "St John" is known as the most helping person her.


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