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Terrace Houses

Ephesus is known as the historic place which contains many historical buildings forts and temples representing the old roman and Greek culture. In 262 BC, Ephesus was used by Greek people. After the arrival of Virgin Mary and her disciples in Ephesus when St John started preaching Christianity in this region the building were badly neglected. Moreover, many historical building were demolished and damaged the Goths. In 262 AD when St Paul arrived and took the charge of spreading Christianity in Ephesus the remaining of historical buildings were destroyed completely and turned into swamp. One of these remarkable building were The Terrace houses. These terrace houses were built by Greek people of Ephesus and still located in Ephesus opposite to the Hadrian temple. They are situated on the hills in the ancient city of Ephesus. They are also known as the "house of the rich" which depicts the life style of old Roman people. These houses were built in such a manner that the roads of Ephesus merge with each other by making an angel of 90 degrees. This plan of construction was formed according to the Hippodamian. Terrace houses have covered two insuale which are built at the hillside in the center of the city of Ephesus.

Ephesus Terrace Houses

The excavations of Terrace houses were started in 1960, and archeologists found many interesting things and new facts regarding the construction of such types of buildings. The houses were made in two portion forming up and down parts. One of them is subdivided. These houses typically represent the luxurious and comfortable life of the people using houses.

The heating system used in the house was the same as used in the baths. The hot air was carried to the houses through the clay pipes which are situated under the floor. The house also has hot water and cold water availability. There were no windows in the rooms; rather the light came from the open hall to the rooms. Therefore most of the rooms were dark. The two houses were restored and are now open for the visitors. The Terrace houses have open ceiling and courtyard interiors at the center. These houses mostly consisted of two stories. The upper stories have been destroyed with the passage of time. The living room and the dining room were at the lower end which leads to the hall. The upper story consists of the guest rooms and the bedrooms. Each house got a fountain of water which built into the courtyards of the houses. By this it is assumed that how lavishly Ephesus people spending their lives. One more thing which shows the richness and strong strength of Ephesus people is the outside panels of the houses. Each of it got marble paneling, walls of houses were decorated with paintings. From the swamp several drawings of gladiators, caricatures and animals were found. Many graffiti features were also discovered.

The excavations now days processed by a multi-national team of archeologists working under the supervision on an Austrian Archaeological Institute.


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