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House of Virgin Mary

The House of Virgin Mary is situated on the "Bulbul mountain" near the ruins of Ephesus city. It is said that Mary spent her last days here. She came there with St. John who spent many years in spreading the Christian religion. Virgin Mary did not like to spend her life in the area crowded by people like the Ephesus, therefore, she preferred to live in this calm and quiet place surrounded by the green trees.

The House of the Virgin Mary is the example of the Roman architecture and is completely made of stones. In 4th century AD a church was made which combined her grave and her house. The house had a room where now candles are proposed, a small room with fireplace, a prayer room and a bedroom. The front kitchen was destroyed and was rebuilt in 1940ís. Outer wall of the house is believed to be miraculous by some pilgrims and hence many people use to tie their wishes with this wall. Another fact that is discovered by Catherine Emmerick that Mary use to cook meal at a fireplace located in the center of the room where now spring of salted water flow. The evidence of this thing has proved by the excavators who got ashes of woods near the spring of water which is flowing till now.

House of Virgin Mary - inside

Now the visitors are allowed to view only the room at the right side and the central portion of the house. The house is resembles to a church rather than a house. The church is also famous for the Water of Mary. It is a small source of water located at the end of the church having salt water and everybody can drink from there. And it is considered very sacred by the people. The flow of water is taken as a wonder because its origin is located on the top of a mountain and it is not possible that water keep flowing till now. During the visit to the house of Virgin Mary in Ephesus you will get the opportunity to have this holy water. House of Virgin Mary was first visited in 1960 by the VI Pope. In 1980ís this house was declared as the pilgrimage place for the Christians by the Pope John Paul II. The Muslims also visit this place who considers Virgin Mary as the mother of one of their prophets. Muslims believe that Virgin Mary was the mother of their second last prophet named Eesa. The whole incident of Virgin Mary and birth Jesus Christ was written in holy book muslims. An annual ceremony is held for the commemoration of the assumptions of Mother Mary on 15 august.

The church of Virgin Mary is situated near harbor of Ephesus, which was the sitting of Third Ecumenical Council in 431 BC. The importance of house of Virgin Mary has also derived from the history of Ephesus. As a master piece of architecture the shrine of Virgin Mary appeal visitors a lot.

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